I want to become a mask sewist. How do I help?
That's great! We can use all the help we can get. To become a sewer, simply head to our contact us page. You need to be in Canada to be able to assist as we need to send you materials to work with.
What kind of masks do you make?
The coined phrase is a 'deaconess mask' recently popularized by the deaconess medical institute. You can find more information about them, the style of mask and even how to make your own here.
Can I purchase a mask for just myself?
Of course. We do produce and ship individual masks as well. They are more expensive to purchase personally as this is our primary way of keeping our administrative team supported. Donations bundles are set at $6 per mask (in quantity) as we want to get as many out as possible to those front line workers.
Your Largest donation is $50. Is there a way to donate more?
Of course! Just purchase multiple quantities of a donation.
I can't afford to buy my own mask. Can I make my own?
The type of mask is called 'deaconess mask'. You can find the how to video here. You can also purchase bundles of DIY kits from us here.
Can you do custom colours?
We can do custom colours on request however you would have to order a minimum of 140 masks as that is the mimimum amount of material we can purchase from our suppliers. This is assuming our supplier has the colour available. Contact us with what you need and we will see what we can do.